Coconut Pudding with Pandan Leaves

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Coconut pudding with pandan leaves

During my childhood, pudding is a common selection for dessert. I still remember vividly that I love pudding with layers of coconut meat, which I couldn’t find anywhere in my hometown. The pudding could only be found in a town several hundreds miles away from my city.

Coconut pudding

Nothing beats my childhood memory. When you are far away from your hometown, you will certainly miss your childhood’s food. It is exactly what I have been feeling for years after living in United States. Coconut pudding was always in my wish list when I was in sixth grade. Then I learned how to make it. It was not as intricate as I thought. After more than one decade, my desire to make coconut pudding was suddenly rekindled. 

So I made this pudding for a hanami potluck gathering. And to my surprise, many of my Japanese friends also commended it. On the other hand, they questioned about the ingredients of the pudding, worrying if I used some unwholesome items.

“It was just an assortment of agar-agar, sugar, coconut milk and coconut meat” I replied. I could tell that they were relieved knowing that it was made of natural and healthy ingredients.

coconut pudding

You need:

1 pack of agar-agar powder (white)

1 pack of agar-agar powder (green color)

800 cc coconut milk

800 cc water

240 gr sugar

1 whole fresh young coconut, shred the meat

2 pieces pandan leaves


  • Mix agar-agar (green), pandan leaves and 120 gr sugar into water and bring it to boil over medium heat. Stir once in a while until completely boiled and dissolved and then reduce the heat.
  • Mix agar-agar (white) and 120 gr sugar into coconut milk and bring it to boil over medium heat. Stir once in a while until completely boiled and dissolved and  then reduce the heat.
  • Lightly drench the mold with cold water. Pour a mixture of green agar-agar to the mold up to two centimeters. Once the top part becomes firm, slowly pour a mixture of white agar-agar on the top of it. Let it stand again until the top part becomes firm.
  • Put the shredded coconut meat on the top of it and pour another batch of remaining green agar-agar. Wait until the top part is firm.
  • Lastly, pour the remaining white agar-agar. Set aside and let it cool in the fridge before served.

coconut pudding

6 Responses to Coconut Pudding with Pandan Leaves

  1. veny

    Hi22 , Rajin juga si Yun , tampang nya cantik banget ! pantes pada doyan yah ..

    iya tuh sampe pada dibawa pulang sisanya, hepi deh gue karena laku:)

  2. arman

    gua bukan penggemar dessert.
    tapi ini puding lu bener2 bagus gambarnya. lu bakat jadi food photographer yun!!

    cowo emang kurang demen dessert yah man… thank you man :))

  3. 7414

    OMG Yunnn.. baru liat… pudding Surya atau Suryo itu ya??? childhood food kamu?

    tik, aku udah makan puding beginian sebelum di solo ada puding Suryo hehe, dibeliin di sby… abis itu baru terakhir2 ada puding suryo tp aku udah ga pernah beli lagi….

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