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A and I finally got the chance to go to Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud, Bali for a nice fine dining. Yay! In our recent trip to Bali, we stayed at a nearby villa at Ubud, and Shiori’s nanny joined our trip as well. So, we took advantage of this situation to celebrate our sixth anniversary privately.

Clockwise from top left: dining room, Gougeres, table setting at the dining room, lounge area

Chris Salan, the owner and chef at Mozaic, previously worked as a head chef at Thomas Keller’s French Bistro Restaurant at Napa Valley, California before he decided to return to Indonesia, where his wife originally comes from. Now he has developed his own cuisine style. He creates a cuisine with a perfect balance between Indonesian flavors using western cooking techniques. His commitment to use local produce and fresh ingredients brings Mozaic into one of the world’s famous restaurants. Mozaic is included in the list of the 100 best restaurants in the world in the 2009 San Pellegrino Guide and is recognized as one of the top 10 best restaurant in Asia in the 2009 Miele Guide.

Clockwise from top left: table setting, dim light of our table, Mozaic’s garden

As we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated in the lounge area and served with their amuse bouche, gougeres stuffed with black truffle cream. After a few minutes of waiting, they brought us into a walkway that leads to a beautiful garden with a unique setting and elegance touched. We were very fortunate at that time to have a nice weather so that we could experience a dinner in the restaurant’s outdoor garden. I personally loved the ambiance and the garden setting dinner. We must say that it was the most romantic garden dinner experience we’ve ever had. Happy 6th anniversary, my dear A! Thanks for giving me eighteen years full of love, laugh and happiness since our first date.

We decided to order two different menus so that we could explore the different types of food Chef Salan created. A decided to have the Discovery Menu, focusing on fresh seasonal Indonesia ingredients and flavors prepared with western cooking techniques of preparation and presentation. While I had the Surprise Menu, consisting of six surprise dishes composed of only the finest, rarest and the most precious ingredients available.

The traditional Indonesian spices used for the Discovery Menu: (clockwise from top left) mango; lemongrass; ginger, turmeric and galangal; fresh bread; kluwek and lime

Pictures of the various dishes that A and I had are included below.

Y: Crab meat with avocado, orange, mustard and cream
A: Fresh king prawn tartare, basa gede creme fraiche and bumbu kuning emulsion

Y: Oyster with seaweed
A: Mixed of tropical flavors served with ice cream

Y: Soft shell crab, sea bream, scallops served with black truffle foam and crispy tempeh
A: Confied seabass fillet, curry meuniere, eggplant caviar, cardamom reduction and fresh curry leaf

Y: Foie gras with tart apple sorbet, sesame foam, and hot and sour sauce
A: Balinese spiced rabbit tortellini in a broth of kluwek nut, oyster mushroom and fresh galangal

Y: Pigeon with pea sauce, parmesan foam and asparagus served under chives sauce
A: Low temperature milk fed veal loin, kaffir lime dressing and spiced almond fennel salad

Y: Ginger flower sorbet served with fresh strawberry and strawberry soup
A: Mango gelato, mango salad, olive powder and green basil

Y: White chocolate mouse with orange rosemary served with black olive sorbet and black olive marmalade
A: Seasonal apples baked in a caramelized phyllo, ras-el-hanout gelle and chili lemongrass ice cream

Petite four for two: Truffle chocolates

This time I won’t talk about details of each food. I will let the pictures tell the story and also let your imagination run wild. Hehe. Hopefully, this can attract you to also go there to experience a nice dinner at Mozaic. Please do let me know if you do that!

The Discovery Menu really surprised me. I love what A had, especially the Balinese spiced rabbit tortellini in a broth of kluwek nut. Wow! It blew me away. The kluwek flavor gave a slight taste that works perfectly with tortellini. It was something that never crossed my mind to mix pasta with traditional Indonesian spices such as kluwek.

We also loved their warm bread rolls, especially the seaweed and green tea rolls, which were served with salted butter. If we were not about to have six course dishes, we would probably eat more bread that evening.

At the end of the meal, both of us agreed that the Mozaic dinner was truly a nice anniversary celebration for us. The food met our expectations. The ambiance was remarkable. The garden was an outstanding place to celebrate our special moment.

Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Gianyar — Bali

12 Responses to Mozaic, Bali

  1. veny

    wowww itu resto keren bgt , romantic banget . mana nih poto couple yg celebrate anniv nya ?? heheee
    kalau sama makanannya g gak gitu ngences , lbh suka makanan biasa . yah dasarnya g selera yg biasa saja sih heheee
    Happy anniversary YUn !

    Thanks Ven…. Foto kita rada blur semua karena mas nya yg moto goyang 😛 tempatnya jg remang2, jd kurang bagus buat di post :)

  2. yance

    wahh happy anniversary yun….
    kagak ada fotona the couple nyaa…..taro dong…heheheh
    duhh ntar sep gua ke bali mau cobain kesini ah klo sempet…ngilerrr liatnya..

    Foto couplenya blur semua yan, krn tempatnya remang2 dan mas nya yg moto goyang…. jd ga kita pasang di blog dehhh
    Iya gih cobain kesini next time….

  3. paulo

    18 years? oh my! almost as old as me (^Q^)V

    happy anniversary u guys! btw skrg makan d sono yg 6-course dipatok brp harganya cik?

    Hahahaha…. Happy sweet eighteen ya paul…:))
    Thank you…. hmm aku rada lupa berapa yaaaa tepatnya, mungkin 750rb yah, di websitenya ada kok….

  4. Dj

    It seems that the food presentation a little bit boring and old school. Was Chef Chris there cooking or at least in the restaurant expediting on your visit to the restaurant? For a chef graduated from Thomas Keller, he should have done it better. But again I wasn’t there to taste the food, hopefully it tasted great. And one can realy judge everythting just from the pictures.

    Do you know any contemporary or refined indonesian restaurants in the states or Indonesia? Thanks alot for this nice blog and for the time consumed to do all this writing and sharing. God bless.

  5. ryburtt

    wow, chanced upon your lovely photos as i was researching for my bali trip! i can’t wait to try mozaic out myself… may i ask how much the tasting menu prices are? thanks.

  6. Astrawan

    Woww…sayang waktu nginap di chedy Club, ubud
    Nggak Ada waktu untuk datang ke restaurant mozaic….
    Nyesel2. Restaurant kelihatannya Romantik banget.
    Moga nop Tahun ini Ada waktu untuk mampir…
    Kokinya Orang mana ya…?

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